By: Edingston Alexander

The infamous and viral sensations were out Sunday night playing dress up alongside the celebrities at the 52nd Grammy awards!! I was definitely glued to the red carpet to see the hits, hot-messes but never envisioned I’ll have that many gawks; some worth mentioning and others I had to let simmer!!  So lets dig in:

Best Dressed:

John Legend: Heaven only knows John Legend’s stylist was sent from Heaven to wrap him up in such fine clothes! The mesh vest was giving me everything but John has always been a very dapper dresser. I am not surprise!








Usher: Mr. Raymond was actually my second fav after Legend! A tasteful mix of polka-dots and plaid!!

Common: Wasn’t too common last night…his entire look was fresh!!









Maxwell: Suit was well fitted and I absolutely love the dark brown on him.  Extra delicious!!

Adam Lambert: He was giving a lot of “HomoCouture” in this outfit!! Me likey!!








Pink: Pink showed she’s in a good place both professionally and personally!   Her aura and dress on the runway was very elegant and even her performance was giving me a lot!!  Her gradiated grey dress from……was tasteful and one of the best red carpet ensembles of the night!







Keri Hilson: Was gorgeous at the Grammys! I love how the nude colored gown played against her skin


Katy Perry: love this look on wild girl Katy!!











Taylor Swift: Although I don’t agree with Taylor getting album of the year, I do agree with her dress. It was sexy and age appropriate!!

Miley Cyrus:  I was even more impressed with Miley Cyrus who was age appropriate in this….. number!  And I love how she kept it short!







Notable Mentions:
Trey Songz:  I love his outfit because he managed to add that sequined bowtie which made his regular black suit stand out amongst the others that did something similar!!






Lady Gaga: What will an award show be without Gaga’s eccentric outfits?  I thought she was going to be more out there, but she actually managed to wear outfits that can be worn to the MET Open gala. I expected her to be in a costume and I champion her risqué “unsembles”… so she has to be a Notable mention!!


What they were thinking:
I don’t want to call this section worst dressed because they were some ridiculous people walking that carpet but then again they are not worth focusing on!!

Travis Barker: It’s no excuse to look like this because you’re a drummer and it’s worst to make your son look the same!!








MusiqSouldchild:  Purple suit = Barney and his golden-yellow feet!!

Akon: Ok Akon, we know you discovered her but to wear a FAN t-shirt to the Grammys is not needed!!  You’re not going to the VMAs!!









T-pain: Left the studio and came to the Grammy’s; ’nuf said…


Britney Spears: I guess this is the reason why Britney was whisked away pass the press on the red carpet!   Why Britney? I love you, but even one of the costumes from your Circus tour would have looked better than this!


Black Eyed Peas: The boys obviously went to Beyonce’s “costume” designer!!  It’s only 2010, NOT 2020!!

Ciara: CeCe… Nice attempt but NO!!  You should have given this outfit to Britney’s date!! You’re a MUSE for GIVENCHY!!  They must have a stylist you could have borrowed.







Beyonce: It’s a good thing she didn’t choose one of tacky Tina’s outfits, but she obviously decided to go with the costume designer from Battlestar Galactia!! Please return the earrings to the Cairo museum B, you know we expect better from you!!  Hmmmm!

Rihanna: RiRi dress was gorgeous but a little mature for this young starlet. The neckline, the accentuated hips…I love Rihanna but this dress on her was a no!








The Situation & Snookie: Why were they invited?? Oh!  He was actually an Access Hollywood Correspondent for the Grammy’s… Wow!  Plus he needs to realize abs are not the best accessory when wearing your turquoise satin prom shirt to the Grammys!!


General Larry Platt “Pants on the Ground guy”:  My biggest question was why was he even featured on the RED CARPET!? He is an elder and all but seriously!! Leave him to American idol & the View! Obviously Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake didn’t hear his “Anthem”!    


Your Thoughts?

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