Health Care Reform Bill Receives Mixed Reactions

By Katrina Robinson

On March 23rd, the health care reform that so many have been discussing for the past year was signed into law by President Barack Obama. This type of health reform has been advocated by various lawmakers since the early 20th century, and Obama paid tribute to all those who worked to make the reform law.

The 10-year package is estimated at $940 billion and will extend health insurance to approximately 32 million who are currently without it. While it will take four years until the plan is totally in effect, changes will be made to the current system as soon as this year.

While Democrats celebrated the new law with health reform advocates, not everyone welcomed the change with open arms. Republicans see the plan as a federal takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy as well as an intrusion into personal medical decisions. They also view the reform as too costly, especially in light of the country’s current economic issues.

Over a dozen of the nation’s states plan to challenge the legislation’s constitutionality by filing a lawsuit. Their perspective is that this bill violates states’ independence by requiring that everyone has some type of health insurance.

The country continues to debate the nature of the bill, and public opinion is varied. While many Americans believe that this bill will help a lot of our nation’s people, others are concerned about the economic affect it will have.

 What are your thoughts? 



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