Your MUG Under Control!

By Deena Hamza

That’s right: Your heard me. That mug of yours needs some TLC! The hidden fountain of youth is no longer a mystery because 4VOO distinct man has got you covered. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, this product will blow your mind.

Some nitty gritty skin care tips for my Precious Gents:

  • NEVER sleep with make-up on. Your face will never forgive you
  • Start using anti-aging creams in your early twenties (you can thank me later)
  • The real key is to purchase high quality creams and serums because they stay on your skin
  • It’s OK to purchase generic face wash and toner if you’re on a budget
  • Always use a separate more delicate cream for your eye area
  • Smooth any cleanser or lotion on gently using your finger tips
  • Cleansing/moisturizing should be done morning and night, and especially after a workout

4V00’s Amazing Products for Men

The major selling point of the 4V00 line is that it claims to mimic Botox (without invasive injections), reduce the look of wrinkles and age spots. I can’t think of a single person who would not like to enhance their features with an option like 4V00 rather than invasive injections or plastic surgery.

Regenerative Trio:

  • Contains three essential products: the Eye Gel, Lift Treatment, and Renewal Moisturizer.
  • Essential kit for every male
  • Eye lifting creams in serum or gel form are best since they smooth on effortlessly reducing stretching and pulling of delicate skin
  • Lift treatment mimics the effects of Botox
  • The Renewal Moisturizer enhances your youthful glow


Lip Maximizing Serum:

  • I dig this line because they show knowledge in skincare: The lip area is delicate like the eye area and this is why a serum is optimal
  • Who doesn’t want fuller lips? Enough said.
  • Rich is healthy fats, this product will moisturize as well as reduce the look of lip shrinkage



Deep Exfoliation Scrub:

  • From my earlier posts, you will recognize that I am a very FIRM believer in exfoliating (everywhere!)

  • Exfoliating encouraging skin renewal and this produces a rosy and healthy natural look to your skin

  • For $52, this product is a steal!
 It mimics expensive microdermabrasion treatments…
Can women use this too?! Yeah, I’m using it: who cares!

Remember My Gents of Preciousness: your mug needs so attention too! For more information of 4V00’s amazing products, visit their website Make sure you have your credit card handy because these products are sure to please.

Until Next Time



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