By Mike Hicks

As we embark on this great month of May I would like to shed some light on the great astrological sign, known as TAURUS! The home of Mother’s Day, and many notable celebrities such as Janet Jackson and myself (who are both born on the same day), Lauryn Hill, and Busta Rhymes just to name a few. The month of May shows the first signs of the weather spicing up, and also brings an eclectic type of people to go with it. So here we go get ready to step into the world of the Taurus…

Many would say that Taurus’ are bull-headed and stubborn, which I definitely am against!! Taurus’ are very comfortable in their surroundings that they have worked hard to maintain. Once finding a solution that really works for you and your day-to-day regime of everyday life why change it? The Taurus is very affectionate and loving, and doesn’t like to feel mistreated or neglected in their relationships and neither should you want them to feel that way. Resentment isn’t a strong enough word to explain the pain or anger that the Taurus can inflict on their mate in this case. I’m sure you might have heard the saying, “There is nothing like a woman scorn,” this statement reigns key when dealing with a Taurus, which is one of the feminine signs in astrology. But why would you want to treat a Taurus bad? According to multiple sources and the mirror reflection in MY bathroom, the month of May produces some of the most exotic, beautiful, and determined people of the zodiac.

Broke People Stay FAAARRRR AWAY!!! The Taurus tends to stay far away from the gentlemen who have pledged in the fraternity “Broke PHI Broke.” This illustrious sign would prefer a mate that can stimulate their mind, and show them the world!! The Taurus is a great listener and loves when their mate reciprocates the same qualities toward them when the tables are turned. If you follow these rules you will have officially captivated and managed to keep one of the most beautiful wonders of the world lol! Depending on if your birthday falls in April or May, you could have an aggressive or passive aggressive demeanor, either way if you are a Taurus you are always in control of the situation and never leave your comfort zone which brings people into your own playground. So during this month that the flowers are starting to bloom and we May babies celebrate our month of beauty and excellence, step your game up and see if you have what it takes to score a leading role in our main attraction called LIFE.

Peace and Love


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