Pre & Post Workout Meals


By Deena Hamza   

OK. I hear you.
I’m not trying to force working out on you, My Precious Gents, but it IS a must. Sometimes when we create options for ourselves we fall into their trap. Options are like procrastinating unless they effectively end in the same positive result.

Not quite getting the D’s drift? Working out isn’t an option. “Can’t workout” isn’t an option. “Too busy” ain’t an option. “Too healthy” no such thing!    

Just as my sister had to come to terms with the fact that George Michael CANNOT be made “un-gay” for her sake, My Gents of Preciousness need to embrace healthy eating and exercise as a lifestyle.   

A major concern my clients have is what to eat and when. Exercise and corresponding nutrition are in fact a precise science. I’ll save you the jibber jabber jargon and list off the best food combinations to consume before and after exercise.   

Pre-Workout Energy Booster (1 to 2 hrs before exercise)

1 cup of plain yogurt with one banana sliced on top
½ cup of bran cereal with 1 cup of 1% milk
1 cup of diced pineapple + 10 raw almonds
1 slice of whole wheat toast + 1 tbsp. Natural peanut butter

** Avoid foods high in fat before working out. High fat foods tend to cause cramping and discomfort **      

 Post Workout Recovery (As soon after exercise as possible)
30 – 40 g of Whey protein + ½ cup blueberry juice
Tuna sandwich: rye bread, 1 can of tuna, tomatoes, lettuce, and mustard
Baked sweet potato + 5 egg whites
3 oz. Steak + veggies + baked potato

** Again, avoid foods high in fat. Fatty foods will slow down digestion of protein and carbs, both of which are crucial to muscle building and recovery **


Yearn to be the “Deadliest Warrior” (am I the only one totally hooked on this show?) Where fast food and inactivity battle against wholesome food and excercise. You tell me who has the advantage!

Take my kind (in your face) words to heart 🙂

Untill Next Time My G.O.P’s

Your Thoughts?

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