Let Your Feet Breathe… In Style of Course!

By Michael Kowalinski

One thing that menswear has continuously proven is that whatever women fall in love with, the men will follow. One needs only to think of the phenomenon of men in tights, or leggings recently, often worn with a long tank or tee. When Marc Jacobs famously donned a black kilt during his bow at his spring 2009 show, the question of men in skirts hadn’t quite been brought into the light. Well, unless you were Lady Bunny. But what about footwear?

Men’s gladiator sandals have become the edgy, chic sandal option for men and why shouldn’t they? Sent out by Riccardo Tisci, creative director at Givenchy, on the Spring 2010 runway, they were either shiny or studded. Tommy Ton, of Jak & Jil, photographed Panos Yiapanis wearing a pair.

Are there affordable options for those who may not, or may not be able to, spend a month’s rent on sandals? Yes, although unless splurging on a designer pair is an option, you’re more likely to find a pair that is gladiator inspired, which can still be chic depending how you wear them. After all, it’s all in the attitude with which you wear them.

These strappy pair from Topman is $71.00

while these Hudson gladiator influenced sandals are $110.00

They’re super chic but if a literal style is more to your taste, Asos has come out with these, for $42 

For those who can afford to splurge, Acne released these in tan or red leather

Okay so now that we have them, how do we wear them? Like with any sandal, hygiene is crucial and guys should be thinking about pedicures and manicures in the near future. Obviously, wearing sandals with socks is not to be seen in public. Men should also be buying pumice stones, and yes, using them, to scrub away any dry, dead skin on the heel and the sole of the foot. There is nothing chic about having long toenails or dry feet. The thing is to be inspired, so keep them moisturized, make like fashion forward beasts and try a gladiator sandal this summer.


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