MTV’s new reality Downtown Girls + Gossip Girl Update


By Krystle Carmona 

Downtown Girls
Lavish parties, to die for fashion, hot crushes, and oh yea lots and lots of lushes sounds like the typical New York City party social scene to me.  Well MTV’s new reality show which will premiere June 1st at 11pm, is just that and a whole lot more.  Downtown Girls follows relationship blogger Shallon Lester and her friends with equally creative careers and lives around Manhattan.  Not only will we tune in for the wild nights, hot eye-candy and relationships that we all know will be tested, but MTV’s new baby will also give those who are unfamiliar with the high life of Manhattan an insight to what it’s like to be young, single and working in the city…not all that glitters is gold, but man gold can be so much fun! 

Our prediction-the show will definitely create much buzz amongst the 16-34 demographic, sparking a little frenzy from the bloggers, writers, and musicians who actually too reside in Manhattan living a life far from the one MTV will portray.   But like any reality show, you’ll watch and secretly enjoy it.  It’s hard to say what is actually reality these days and why these networks continue to bash us in the head with other people’s lives, but who better to do it than MTV huh?  I mean they did give us Laguna Beach and The Hills and don’t lie, you love it! 

So Let’s Meet The Cast: 

Shallon Lester-a career driven, sex/relationship blogger for who often dishes out great advice but finds it ridiculously hard to take her own, resulting in mass dysfunction and many many heartbreaks, consisting of younger men to whom she seems to fall for.  



Klo-Best friend to Shallon and minutes away from tying the knot to her fiancé, Klo is always there to give Shallon a bit of advice, even if it is a bit too candid.  Klo is in a good spot in her life and she serves as a great balance to the show adding comedic relief. 



Gurj-the metallic, presumptuous yet determined one out the group who has a sweet job working in digital media for Atlantic Records.  Although in a relationship with her musician boyfriend, she remains the voice of reason to the girls.  She sounds like the cool one already. 



Nikki-a boutique owner, which caters to celebrities, and Shallon’s partner in crime is on a mission to finding her Mr. Right.  Just because she from a wealthy family doesn’t mean she’s one of the “lazy ones.”  Her work ethic is impeccable as she struggles to keep her boutique afloat given this economic crisis. 



Victoria-A bit “different” in her way of thinking, she brings comedy to the show as Shallon’s other roommate.  Like the rest of the gang, she is single and struggles with relationships as she is dubbed the “queen of the first date.”  A recent graduate from law school, Victoria aspires to be a great attorney 




Gossip Girl

If you were watching like I was watching, then you know that last week’s episode of Gossip Girl brought nothing less than drama, with the return of Serena’s absent poppa and the revealing of Lilly’s cancer; the love/hate relationship, which is Chuck and Blair; problems between the stepford couple Dan and Vanessa; and oh wait let us not forget Lil J’s willingness to go along with Chucks plan of breaking up Nate and Serena and boy was she willing.  This is just a small dose of what’s to come because bayyby our favorite Upper Eastsiders are back this week with even more chaos and pandemonium. With only 1 more episode left until the season finale (yesss I know, you all may cry now) you can be sure that next week will be more intense and crazy than the last.

The scene opens with love in the air…well for Nate and Serena that is.  Dan and Vanessa seem to have skipped like 100 episodes and jumped the broom because there’s nothing exciting about this couple as they struggle to survive this relationship.  Their creative paths seem to get in the way, but when Vanessa is offered a job in Haiti for 3 months, they decide to really work on it, even if it will be long distance. What’s the statistics on long distance relationships? I mean they work too, right? Yes? No? Maybe?  On the other hand, in true Chuck fashion, old habits of scantily dressed call girls and drugs surface while he avoids Lilly and her illness.

At the Van der Woodsen/Humphrey breakfast all seems well until in walks ex-hubby, William who was invited by his beloved daughter and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the look on Rufus’ face reeks of disgust.  While Serena continues on her daddy high, younger brother Eric doesn’t feel the same and declines on the offer of having any kind of relationship with his father (which changes towards the end).  Daddy Dearest, aka William announces to the clan that he’s moving closer to them.  In fact he’s moving in the same building! Umm did we mention that look on Rufus’ face before, uhh yea insert here.  Let me just tell you now, Rufus cuts his plans short when he personally calls the board himself and has William blocked from occupying the building.  Both Lilly and Serena think Rufus is overreacting and that he’s just being jealous and paranoid.  However, not the case at all.  William’s intentions are clearly to win back his ex-wife and take the place of Rufus, which is evident when he publicly but subtly makes a pass at Lilly.

On a lighter note, we begin to see slight glimpses of the old Blair who pretends to go to Columbia when she’s tested by Blair mini-wannabes.  However, she doesn’t have to pretend for too long when she actually does get accepted into Columbia as a transfer from NYU, thanks to Chuck who submitted an application for her months ago.  Right when you’re ready to hate him, you just have to love him all the same.  So once again, Queen B will be trading in the humus for caviar as she reclaims her throne.

The sisterly rivalry between Jenny and Serena is a bit comical, but not as they take thing to a whole new level.

Chuck finally confronts Lilly and they embrace.  This was probably the sweetest and most sincere scene of the entire episode, hmm maybe even season…either way, it almost made you forget what a conniving and manipulative jerk Chuck can be.

Let’s see…Rufus finds out Jenny used to be a dealer; a drug dealer that is.  Ohhh and Rufus’ old gal pal stirs up trouble sparking Serena to believe that he has been cheating on Lilly with her. DRAAAMA!  So Serena takes it upon herself to motivate her father to fight for her mother, inviting him over that night.  While Daddy, Mommy, Brother and Sissy all sit and talk like one big happy family, Jenny discovers something to be very strange with Lilly’s medication.  Could Lilly actually be healthy and this whole big cancer scare just be a ploy in William’s plan to get back his family?  I can’t quite say just yet, but OMG we will definitely be watching.  You too can catch Gossip Girl on Mondays on the CW at 9pm.

~”You know you love me xoxo!”



  1. downtown shallon says:

    Oooo child you are gonna LOVE our show! Lots of eye candy for sure 🙂 xoxo

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