Will You Still Love Me?

By John Edmondson

Our chemistry is
Exceeding our expectations
Breaking the bonds of infatuation.
You know me so well
Please don’t pass go
Until I tell you.

To know my character
You must know my story
My truth.
Look at me
With lucid eyes
No time for deceptions.

What flows through my veins
Is not all that I am
Don’t let it mask my identity.
Still the one
Who makes you smile
The one who has your heart.

Bringing you happiness
I love you unconditionally
Take my hand.
My glossy eyes are curious
Searching for answers upon your face
I promise to live forever.

I have HIV.
Don’t let fear consume you
Nor ignorance hold you in one place
Before we get deeper
I need to know
Do you plan on staying
Or will you go?


Your Thoughts?

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