An Invitation From Caesar

By Thomas Clark

Needing a “a moment of recovery” seems like a decent scenario for this week. No matter the cause, if you were sick, had a long party weekend or decided to participate in the Aids Walk down in Central Park. We all need a refreshing recovery moment to get things resituated for the stressful week ahead. A simple and quick bowl of something good and tasty would definitely put your mind at ease….and I’m not talking about my past time favorite…cereal.

The Caesar Salad has been cordially invited to your home and is also that bowl of something good that can give you that Mmmmmm tasty sigh moment. No matter when or where, at work or studying for finals; RSVPing would give you and your taste buds a quick break from your busy day. A perfect dish to eat while you are looking out your window and reflecting… to speak!!

Caesar salads are made differently depending on where you go. So, here are the basics for your “traditional” Caesar Salad the ingredients are simple….

Parmesan Cheese
Caesar dressing

Seems simple…especially if you buy the lettuce that is already pre-packaged in the bag instead of a head of lettuce… I prefer buying the bag….the point is to be quick about making a Caesar Salad. Rinse the lettuce off and throw it in a bowl. Add your croutons and parmesan cheese…but here is the part where revamping the Caesar Salad is fun.


Some like to add tomatoes, onions, green peppers all sort of delectable’s. Crouton’s come in all sorts of flavors.

I like to add shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese, maybe some raisins and green peppers, garlic and herb croutons and Italian and Caesar dressing along with the basics…of course!!! Not one for the tomatoes and onions and sometimes I even take away the Caesar dressing!!!!

However how you decide to revamp your Caesar Salad, make sure you have at least the basics. …Throw your own individuality to your salad leaving it … dressed and done!!!!! Feel free to be Wolfgang Puck on this one….but don’t go overboard!!!!!

We all need to have “a moment of recovery”, so be sure to have yours with this invitation. Enjoy and TAKE CARE!!! ; )


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