Keep It on the Down Low!

By Thomas Clark

Here is the scenario, the guy you was messing with the other day isn’t what he cracked up to be. Your being introduced as his friend, he is not into public affection, and he only likes hanging with you behind closed doors. To top it all off you just bumped into him and his girlfriend!! Shocking!!!

Apparently, in this “new” New York day and age, where sexual preference seems to have no boundaries. Being a male who is interested in solely being with another male, still seems to have its obstacles. This obstacle comes in the form of the “DL” , lifestyle…..A lifestyle that has placed itself in its own category. Not identifying to much as gay or borderline bisexual, just a guy “who tends to enjoy another guys company once or twice“….but who’s counting?

Thoughts on the D.L. lifestyle have promoted the reason why some dudes live on the D.L. Ranging from wanting their business kept private to denial of true feelings in some cases. We all know that there is a thin line between not openly gay and living on the D.L. Living the D.L lifestyle is still yet a hot topic issue that plagues society.


Your Thoughts?

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