Rejuvenate Your Kicks

By Deena Hamza

So, besides being your Evil Fitness/Nutrition Fairy, I do have another very satisfying hobby: Collecting shoes. Stilettos, platforms, wedges, flats, fashion sneakers, functional sneakers, boots, vintage footwear, slippers, oh…and even low cut socks. I know my Precious Gents feel me on my footwear obsession. Don’t even try to deny it! My favorite sales rep at Aldo West Edmonton Mall (yes, the largest mall in the world) has his shoe collection INSURED. Any of my G.O.P’s single?

I have the tendency of purchasing amazing shoes only to admire them on my extensive shoe rack because I fear ruining their pristine condition. Solution? I have found using Kiwi Shoe Products like Paste Polish and Express Shine Sponge work wonders offering a beautiful sheen to your leather shoes but I often fall short when it comes to the care and subsequent longevity of my fashion and functional sneakers.

I discovered Kiwi’s Sport line that guarantees to take out grass and mudstains from white sneakers and have them looking like new. I’m sporting some white fashion sneakers that were put to the test and I receive compliments every day on my “brand new” kicks.

How to Rejuvenate Your Kicks

1. With a damp cloth, remove dirt from shoe

2. Let dry (approximately 10 minutes)

3. Apply Kiwi Heavy Duty Cleaner to shoe 

4. Let dry (30 minutes)

5. Apply Kiwi Sport Whitener

6. Let dry (1 hour) 

7. Send positive thoughts my way for giving you the 411!


Cleanliness is a part of image My G.O.P’s.

Ensure every part of you is a true statement of self!



Your Thoughts?

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