Can’t Get Legally Married? Visit Portugal

By Katrina Robinson

The fight for marriage equality has been going on for decades. Only recently have we begun to see specific states in our country legalize homosexual marriage. Maybe that’s soon to change, as it seems that the entire country of Portugal has legalized same-sex marriage.

Portugal is officially the sixth European country to legalize homosexual marriage. While the country is over 90% Catholic, it seems as though the people of Portugal are starting to be a little more liberal in their laws. In fact, it was only in 2007 that the country liberalized their outrageous abortion laws.

As you can guess, not everyone was keen about the passing of the law. In fact, Pope Benedict himself spoke out against Portugal’s legislation, calling it an “attack” on the “natural differences between men and women.”

Hmm…I’m sitting here, sorting through my brain, and I just cannot find one way in which same-sex marriage attacks the differences between men and women. Sorry, Benny, but you’re overruled.


Your Thoughts?

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