Super-Skinny!…Do You Make the Cut?

By Kat Kersey

Mirror, Mirror…
On the wall…
Who is the HOTTEST of them all?

Well, according to world-renowned British mannequin firm Rootstein, a young male teenager now has a 35in chest and a 27in waist! I can hear Heidi Klum, in that German accent asking right now “Are you IN or OUT?” Flipping the coin: Heads, you make the cut. Tails, you’re not even close? Whatever side of the coin you fall on your going to have a problem, well at least with eating disorder advocates. The major concern is that these “barely there” mannequins will influence men to starve themselves for that pubescent look that these new male mannequins have. 

Sounds crazy? Not so much. There are people that tend to think just because you are a man, that you are not vulnerable to asking the question “Honey…do you think I look fat in this?” Tell the truth, you know you’ve asked your best friend, boyfriend and even yourself sometime ago. Even if you did, that doesn’t mean that you have a serious eating disorder. However, one never knows to what extent someone will take in order to be accepted into the fashion world. Skinny has always been in and the fashion elite has never made any apologies for that.

Kevin Arpino, Creative Director at Rootstein, who designed these mannequins, strongly disagrees that this can ignite an eating disorder amongst young men. In his opinion, “It is a collection dictated to current fashion trends for skinny jeans and very tight tailoring” Arpino, also said, It’s a trend which you can see in celebrities and rock stars.” So there you have it people, at the end of the day, it’s all in the name of fashion. Sounds innocent enough…right?

Hopefully, at this point, you’re still not standing in front of your mirror waiting for that darn answer. By the way, please don’t let these mannequins be your judge and jury. And, while the mirror is out rendering it’s decision, go to Youtube and pop on a B.Scott vid. He’s got you covered. No one preaches self-acceptance like he does to his looooove muffins! Once you’ve done that, then go back to the mirror and ask, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the HOTTEST of them all? “Well, you are of course!” it says, “This is your mirror, isn’t it?


Your Thoughts?

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