VH1 Honors The Dirty South

By Krystle Carmona

Hip Hop.  Pronunciation: hip hap. Function: noun.  According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a subculture especially of inner-city youths who are typically devotees to rap music.  However, rap music is just a product of the culture.  Hip Hop is the artistic expression discovered all over subways and alongside buildings.  Hip Hop is the sounds brought to life by DJs and MCs.  Hip Hop is Break Dancing and so much more.  Hip Hop is a way of living.

Monday night marked another year and another celebration of hip hop, as true pioneers were recognized and honored by VH1 and so many artists who owe much of their success to those artists who have paved the way for them. The honorees included: The Dirty South! That’s right, the entire dirty dirty!  However giving special recognition and shine to:  The 2 Live Crew, J. Prince, Jermaine Dupri, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, Master P., Organized Noize, and Timbaland

This year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors opened up with a skit from comedian and host,  Craig Robinson, getting a dirty south makeover from the one and only Lil’ Jon…YEEEAAAHH!  And to complete his transformation, was adorned with custom made Paul Wall grills.

First on the list of honorees was Luther Luke Campbell, but we all know him best as “Uncle Luke.”  Luke created the South’s 1st hip hop label, which gave artists like, The 2 Live Crew, Trick Daddy, Trina and Pitbull, their start.  Dubbed “The originator of Miami Bass,” Luke changed the face of the South.  In true Luke fashion, he, along with Trick Daddy and Pitbull hit us with the ever so classic party anthem, “Do Do Brown,” and yes, massive booty shaking everywhere.  Don’t front, yall was rocking too, it’s okay, we won’t tell nobody!

J. Prince, next to bat was the face of Rap A Lot Records and the voice for the ghetto.  The Game, Bun B, Drake, Do or Die and Juvenile were among the artists who paid homage to an original ghetto boy.

Funny man Jonah Hill introduced the next honoree, Atlanta native and SoSo Def founder, Jermaine Dupri.  The Franchise Boyz and company rocked out to “Oh I Think They Like Me.”  Bow Wow brought back the backwards fashion hitting the stage with a Kriss Kross classic, “Jump” then later his own hit, “Fresh As I’m Iz.”  JD also hit us with a bar on “Money Ain’t a Thang” and lastly ended with Diddy on the remix track “Welcome to Atlanta.”  Atlanta definitely did their thing.

Next, Romeo who is far from little and looking more like a young cut Nelly honored his father Master P.  for not only building No Limit Records from the ground up, but being a part of putting southern hip hop on the map.  Gucci Mane and Kid Capri were also a part of this tribute.  Silk the Shocker and Trina brought us back with their hit, “That’s Cool,” but the crowd went crazy when Mystikal came out with “Make Em’ Say Uhh,” surrounded by camouflage beauties that we remember oh so well from the No Limit crew.

The city of Atlanta was even honored, with an appearance from T.I. and performances from the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Drama, Bone Crusher, and Gucci Mane.  ATL had us all “getting low” and fueling our confidence with “I Ain’t Neva Scared.” 

Missy then paid homage to her longtime friend, Timbaland who not only brought a new and eclectic sound to the game, but introduced us to a different realm of music, infusing sounds we hadn’t quite heard of yet, not together at least.  Fabolous, Kerri Hilson, D.O.E., Bun B and Sebastian were just some of the few to honor Timbaland last night.  But it was those Missy/Timbo classics, such as “Get Your Freak On” and “Work It” that we remembered what we loved about Mr. Tim Mosley.

David Banner and Kelly Rowland introduced Slim Thugg, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall who also hit the stage giving respect to their state, Texas.

The 2 Live Crew, who explained in their video that they made records from a comedian standpoint, but was taken way too serious had us in laughter once again as they performed a medley of their hits, including “Me So Horny.”

Chilli and Lauren London then introduced one of Atlanta, Georgia’s hottest production teams, Organized Noize, who is responsible for TLC’s “Waterfalls.”  Nelly, Murphey Lee, Asher Roth, Kujo, and Sleepy Brown hit the stage performing The Dungeon Family anthems reminding us that ATL  is here to stay…so “Whatchu Really Know About The Dirty South?”

It was only fitting that VH1’s new sister and brother team, Brandy and Ray J make an appearance as well.  The show ended with an all star performance from Miami’s finest, Trina, Flo Rida, Rick Ross, and Pitbull and let’s not forget, DJ Khaled who was all over the stage doing what he does best.  Overall, the VH1 Hip Hop Honors was entertaining and lived up to the performance scale.

So tell me…when was the first time you fell in love with hip hop?




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