Fun-Filled Barbecue!


By Thomas Clark     

 It’s June and the idea of barbecuing is becoming the latest weekend activity. Rounding up all your friends and heading down to your nearest barbecuing spot , which is most likely the park, is going to be taxing. But what’s more troubling is what are some of the need to know things when you start this fun filled endeavor. Here is a couple of steps that will help things go a bit smoothly so the day of fun can commenced.   

Step 1.) The is no way of getting around this basic most important step. Your going to need a grill. Any type of grill would do, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it should be able to cook everything you plan on eating thoroughly. Eating raw food makes for a bad stomach and a bad barbecue. There are a variety of grills that fall in to one of two categories gas grills and charcoal grills. When it comes to barbecuing in the park charcoal grills are very popular.  


Step 2.) Get started early…If you wait until mid-day to start getting the grill out and inviting people down, chances are you will not find a prime spot. In the barbecuing realm its all about being the early bird, so you can have a chance to pick a good enough area to set up. This will prevent you from being left with the area next to the garbage or surrounded by sun. The person manning the grill should be set up in the shade especially because he/she will be over the hot grill most of the time. 

Advice 3.) Give people notice on what they should bring before hand. The worst thing at a barbecue, from experience, is running to the store at the last minute because you have to many plates and not enough to drink. This is a perfect segue into step four. 
Step 4.) Get a clear idea of how many people are coming. Worst case scenario is you don’t have enough food for all the mouths you have to feed. Leaving people to head to McDonalds after your barbecue. This would give your barbecue an overall bad rating, leaving you as a not-so-popular barbecue host.
Step 5.) Come up with a neutral menu selection or take a poll of what should be on the menu, either one of these options is a good way to go. The first would be commonly featured food selection that you will have at a barbecue ( i.e hamburger, franks, salad) The second option is getting everyone to help pitch in and brainstorm about what to eat during this festivity.
A last note is setting up the overall groove meaning have other festivities going on, so while people wait for their food to be cooked their having fun and enjoying themselves ( i.e play music, charades, get people talking). If your choosing to have alcohol remember to drink responsibly and wisely. You can get a ticket for having an open drink in public. 
P.S – The person manning the grill should definitely know how to cook and be good at multi tasking. It’s a good idea to take turns so he/she can enjoy some of the fun as well. Barbecuing is about coming together with loved ones and enjoying the summer temperature, while getting your eat on. While the heat makes a list of things irritating following these steps would not add barbecuing on it. Take Care!!


  1. i still prefer gas grills over electric grills because the smoke somehow improves the flavor of the meat..-

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