Razor Burn: How to Find the Right Shaving Cream

By Deena Hamza

G.O.P’s worry about their skin too and the most common skin issue is razor burn. I have known some males to completely avoid shaving with a razor to prevent unsightly bumps, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Instead they’ve trimmed their beard using clippers or facial trimmers. This is a great alternative however, some G.O.P’s look best when their face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom! The key is to choose the right shaving cream that matches your skin type and needs.

Key Shaving Tips
  • Men with oily skin should choose a shaving cream that contains an astringent
  • Overly thick shaving creams will clog your razor resulting in a less than clean shave
  • Men with dry skin should choose a shaving cream with a moisturizer (this will prevent razor burn and nicks)
  • Apply warm water to your beard before applying shaving cream to soften the area
  • Pick a scented shaving cream that does not conflict with your cologne or aftershave
  • Apply shaving cream in the direction of hair growth
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent razor burn
  • Clean razor in warm water in between strokes

Whether a clean shave or a 3 o’clock shadow suits your face best, be sure to keep yourself groomed at all times. Your outer image is what people see first and, for some, can be the window into an amazing interior soul.




  1. I simply agree with the statements you made. I can vouche that I can only shave with a trimmer myself because of the irritation it causes to my skin. Often times- i will use a nice never-used razor blade while in a hot shower to give myself a nice uniform shave and all i will use is a nice soapy lather which helps disinfect any minor cuts i might incur. I am a firm believer in looking nice any part of the day but sometimes, a nice 5 o’oclock shadow is worth having because it actually is a style. Rugged , business like man screams.. Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade. Anyone remember that?

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