Fashion 101: Seasons of Fashion

By Edingston Alexander

In my effort to educate the benighted and clarify for the perplexed; I’ve decided to discuss the fashion calendar. The fashion world operates a year in advance due to the shift in majority of manufacturing of garments to overseas. Just as we are starting to soak up the rays of Summer 2010, stores are already prepping for the first deliveries of Fall clothing come July and the Spring 2011 cycle is starting with the Men’s shows in Milan.


Designers are being pulled and exhausted more in this new age of the fashion calendar and no other than the manufacturers and the media we have to thank for this new drastic change. These two who are the most important elements in the fashion industry have very extensive lead time and therefore the need for designers to be designing more to meet these new deliveries! Long gone are the days when Designers were the ever powerful in the industry , now they are dictated by deliveries, production managers, buyers and editors.


The fashion calendar has always been historically divided into two major seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. This is when the tents are set up in Bryant park (Now to be relocated to Damorsch park lincoln Center 09/10) for the media and buyers to view. In today’s market these major season still reign supreme but within them we have deliveries that fall within these seasons. Supplemental collections are becoming more customary due to this new tide of retail and media consumerism. For now the new calendar looks something like this:


Haute Couture
Resort Collection or Cruise Collection


Over the next few weeks i’ll be discussing each of the season and deliveries listed above. Exploring when they are shown, when they are in stores and when printed in magazines. We’ll chat later!!
lead time: A lead time is the period of time between the initiation of any process of production and the completion of that process. 


  1. albert kure says:

    Tanx 4 dis insightful piece.

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