S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: Prada

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Prada
Designer: Miuccia Prada
Season: Spring Summer 2011


Gentlemen, gentlemen, quiet please! Let’s be serious for a moment. Oh, alright, let’s have a bit of fun. Perhaps Miuccia Prada was thinking this at the spring show in Milan that could be considered an exercise in discipline. Narrow black suits and cardigans suggested a serious side to the Prada man, at times with visible white stitching but were followed with intense blues in the form of a narrow three button jacket with baggy pants and cobalt blue shorts, pants and shirts. These had a sporty feel, made more so by the drawstring bags that hung from waists. The main attraction was undoubtedly the vibrant shirts in yellows, reds, greens and blues that had the look of a nurse’s uniform.



Did we remember to take our vitamins today? Who needs to when you saw the elongated, loose black sweaters with wide neck holes that were interesting and effective in their simplicity, worn with baggy white shorts that almost had the look of kilts. Intense color made also made an appearance, later on, in wide stripes on baggy white shirts and ribbed sweaters towards the end. This move towards intense color has been making the rounds in Milan. If designers are feeling extreme with color, let them, as they celebrate simple silhouettes and seem to be a sure hit with editors and buyers. Thick-soled shoes gave the clothes the quintessential Prada touch. It felt less rebellious than usual, and perhaps Miuccia Prada is hinting to us it’s time to grow up, for now.


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