Protein Powder

By Deena Hamza

Protein powder is essential for the fitness enthusiast because, as time progresses in your fitness journey, consuming meat all the time becomes a hassle or just plain boring. How? The chewing process, digestion process, absorption into the blood stream, and oh (for those of us with jobs) the cooking process. It can be hard to find creative ways of making staple meats taste different throughout your 6 meals per day, 7 days a week without adding unwanted calories, sugar, and salt. That’s 42 portions of healthy, body satisfying protein!

Whey protein is by far the best form of protein for working muscles and also aids in weight management. There are two main forms: Whey Isolate and Whey Casein. Isolates are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream within 3 hours of consumption. This is the best form of protein after a hard workout to ensure immediate repair of damaged muscle fibers. Casein works over a 12 hour period and is a great way of ensuring sustained protein synthesis over a long period of time. This form of protein works well as a pre-workout meal or as the last meal consumed before bed.

I’m MAJORLY picky when it comes to protein powder. I blame my highly refined palette (my Mom caters as a hobby and makes AMAZING food).

Alas! As always, I have deemed myself a guinea pig for the sake of my G.O.P’s and have 2 awesome protein powders that everyone can appreciate.


lemonade, peach mango, triple berry flavors
90 calories per scoop
21 g of protein per scoop
mixes with water or juice
non-milkshake consitency
$45 (Canadian Eh!)


delicious tasting
choco-peanut butter, mocha, cookies and creme, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
200 calories per scoop
tastes better mixed with milk than water
Ronnie Coleman (8 time Mr.Olympia) Endorsed $65 (Canadian Eh!)
Hey, if Ronnie says it’s good…it must be good! No, for real, I’m taking Syntha-6 right now in Chocolate-Peanut Butter and it tastes amazing.

Do my G.O.P’s have a favorite protein powder? Fill me in.




  1. for what age group is this for?

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