S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: Louis Vuitton

By: Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Louis Vuitton
Designer: Paul Helber
Season: Spring 2011

In one episode of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, Patsy Stone said her new year’s resolution was to be more relaxed, funny because her demeanor must be one of the most relaxed in television lore.

Louis Vuitton’s spring collection, similarly, felt as relaxed as can be. While Louis Vuitton’s story of a well-heeled traveler isn’t a new one, the collection excited in that way that only spontaneous travel can. Slouchy pants and baggy shorts paired with belted safari-like shirts suggested an outing in the wilderness (albeit a chic one, but would the Louis Vuitton man settle for anything less?) but when paired with a leather blazer was ready for the streets. Boxy coats and jackets mingled with easy, relaxed collared shirts or tees. Sheer sweaters preceded the sheer blue shirts that were as obsessed with the company’s iconic monogram as the bags, which accompanied many of the looks. These matched neck tattoos the models sported, by artist Scott Campbell. Cool green jackets and shorts made a quick appearance, before an army of black, navy and printed suiting that would feel right anywhere. This man is the man we’d like to travel with.


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