Bad Breath

By Deena Hamza

Did you know that constipation can actually lead to bad breath? I was writing a paper on bowel regularity (The Perfect Poo!) and found, through my research, that trapped gases and fecal matter backs up into the stomach and travels up into the mouth causing bad breath.

That means that anchovies and garlic, onions and pickles, dry mouth or low carb diets are not the only causes of bad breath.

How do you know if your bad breath is just a temporary condition or a sign of a more serious health concern? Well, if you brush your teeth once a week, then a change must be made, but if your oral hygiene is in place (i.e. brush at least twice a day, floss, and scrape tongue) then look into other heath conditions.

Health issues where bad breath is a symptom:

infection of the mouth (i.e. cavity or gum disease)
respiratory tract infection (i.e. throat, sinus, lungs)
external source (i.e. smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco)
xerostomia or dry mouth (common with mouth breathers)
liver disease
lung disease
sinus disease
reflux disease 

Did you know that pseudohalitosis is a psychological issue where an individual believes they have bad breath when they really don’t?

Take on proper dental hygiene (mouth wash, brushing, flossing, regular visits to the dentist) before self-diagnosing your condition to match one of the above mentioned illnesses. In the event oral health is in place yet bad breath is consistent, consult with a medical professional immediately.



  1. randy ladd says:

    How do I fix my bad breath.

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