Family First Candidate Wendy Francis Apologizes to Gay Community

By Katrina Robinson

Wendy Francis, 49, is the Family First Senate’s top candidate in Queensland. And she recently tweeted that legalizing gay marriage was similar to “legalizing child abuse.” The original tweet stated: “Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimizing gay marriage is like legalizing child abuse.”

Wow. Those are some harsh words, Wendy.

I supposed Francis’ publicist alerted her to how harmful that statement could be to her image, as the candidate issued a public apology. She stated, “I sincerely and unreservedly apologize. Those who know me personally know that I would never intentionally offend any person. It pains me to think that although unintended, I have caused distress to others.”

While I find Francis’ statement disgusting, I have to give her some sort of props for having the guts to own up to her mistake (whether she sincerely means it or not). And it looks like the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby agrees with me. They have said that while they accept the apology, Francis’ original comments were “offensive and homophobic.”


Your Thoughts?

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