FALL’s FAB FIVE: 5 Fab Pieces for your Closet!

By Ibrahim Malik

Summer is unfortunately over. It’s time to trade in those tank tops and shorts for some thermals and a parka. Don’t fret about what to put in between, I got five pieces that’ll bring the HAUTENESS (pun intended) to your fall wardrobe.

1. Slim Fit Cords
a slim fit cord is a great alternative to your everyday pair of jeans, with the same versatility and comfort. They pair easily with a fitted denim shirt or plaid flannel. If you don’t own any, I suggest a tan or light Brown pair; it is a great starter color that works wonderfully with many fall staples like your navies, maroons and Olives.


2. Pea coat
A classic Navy Pea Coat has been staple in the closets of Fashionistas and Sailors alike for a LONG TIME!!!! And they still haven’t lost their appeal. But if you are one to break out of the Fashion “Norm” this classic cone in other great colors and plaids that add to its Chic appeal. My personal fave is a Light Grey Pea.  The Light Grey has a clean effortless look that can be dress up or down. It’s also a great homage to military inspired fashion.


3. Gingham Print
One of the biggest fall trends is mixing different patterns and textures; one of the easiest and fabulous ways of doing that is with Gingham. It comes in many variations whether it’s a sport button down collar shirt or a dress shirt that comes in many great colors. I have a client who is a young fashionable elementary teacher, I paired a burnt orange spread collar dress shirt with a purple striped tie and some slim fit khaki chinos. It was a great look that embodied the fall trend and he could have easily went from day to-night, and it all began with a versatile gingham shirt.


4.  Shawl Collar Sweater
The bottom line for any fall wardrobe is warmth point-blank, and the best way to accomplish that is layering. Just like the Pea coat I mentioned before the wool Sweater has been here for years on end, but I’m not talking about those itchy sweaters you mother used to put you in. A Shawl Collar sweater not only serves as an amazing layering piece but it gives you an effortless cool. It works well in the office or going out for a couple cocktails with friends.

5. Chukka Boot 
A chukka is the perfect way to finish off a fall ensemble. It’s more casual than a dress boot and way less chunkier than a pair of Timberlands (c) . I really like these boots because they pay homage to the classic collegiate style. They pair well with slim fitting trousers, whether chinos or denim,  gives a very casual yet chic feel.




  1. I think I will have to buy me some cords!!!

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