By Atiya Jones

Could you imagine waking up every morning and taking the same antiviral medications that someone who’s HIV positive takes, even though you are negative? Going to pick up PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis may become just as common as going to buy condoms before a hot date. Modeled after Post Exposure Prophylaxis better known as PEP, PrEP is a HIV prevention method where an individual who engages in high risk activities such as sharing needles and unprotected vaginal and anal sex take antiviral drugs before actually being exposed. With PEP’s success rate of over 80 percent of preventing HIV infection when taken after being exposed, there are still numerous studies taken place to see if PrEP is as safe and effective.  PrEP will no time soon replace condoms or clean needles but will give people who can’t negotiate safer sex with their partners more options.

Before you go looking to sign up for a clinical trial remember that antiviral medication come with a lot of side effects and can make your body build up a drug resistance in the event you become infected later there will be one less drug you could use to fight the virus.  You have to also wonder how much something like this would cost and will insurance cover it.


Your Thoughts?

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