Hand Sanitizer: Does it Really Work?

By Deena Hamza

According to recent research completed by Professor James Scott of the University of Toronto, Canada, alcohol based hand sanitizers are the best defence against germs including the past H1N1 outbreak.

Overview of Research Findings

Hand sanitizers work better at removing bacteria from hands than soap and water

The level of bacteria remains lower after using a hand sanitizer than with soap and water

Hand sanitizer is less damaging to the skin because of its built-in oils/moisturizers

Added moisture reduces risk of skin cracking from excessive washing

These sanitizers work by killing microbial cells and not human cells

Hand sanitizers work against both virus and bacteria cells

I wasn’t a big believer of using hand sanitizers because I always figured running water with soap was the best form of hand hygiene. I’ve even read articles that tell you to sing “Happy Birthday” or “Baa Baa Black Sheep” because the duration of the song would allow for effective germ removal. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to stock up on sanitizer spray pens.

Germs be gone! ~DEENA


Your Thoughts?

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