Blast from the Past: DNAH FITNESS Intro

By Deena Hamza

My G.O.Ps
In the place to be
Reppin healthy eating
Like it’s so E Z

Why Hello Everyone!

For my G.O.Ps who don’t know, I have been a multi-certified personal trainer for over 8 years and I have my own personal training and nutrition consulting company named DNAH FITNESS. I have a vintage introductory episode from DNAH FITNESS where I introduced a workout plan to a client of mine, Dr. Mike M. from Ontario, and detailed a few key points on how to prepare for a workout.

Now, I am trusting you guys not to laugh at my vintage video and to give me major points for accommodating my beginners with at-home workout videos rather than burning a hole in their pocket.

My next few articles will break up a total body workout including weight training and cardio into 3 workout days coupled with vintage videos demonstrating how to perform an at-home routine.

Please remember to consult a doctor/physician before trying this or any workout routine. This program is catered for an unfit male in his 20-30s with limited time for working out but with no known health conditions or injuries. I would love to hear any questions about workouts or nutrition from my G.O.Ps and provide a video response to your queries.

P.S. Don’t judge my sprinter’s thighs 🙂 ~DEENA


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