What Kind of Person Are You? The Hanky or Tissue Debate

By Deena Hamza

Are you a hanky person or a disposable tissue person?

I am definitely a disposable tissue person because the thought of constantly blowing my nose into a piece of fabric that I then place in my pocket just doesn’t seem right. It’s blasphemous!

Not necessarily. According to Drs. Gwaltney and Eccles people who reuse disposable tissues or do not throw them away immediately are holding onto rhinovirus particles the same way a handkerchief would.

Ok. I’m guilty as charged. I guess I’m blasphemous too.

Although I don’t reuse disposable tissue on the regular, I am guilty of not throwing my tissue away immediately and research shows that rhinovirus particles can stay active for many hours (according to Dr. Eccles) or up to 3 whole days (according to Dr. Gwaltney).

For shame Deena!

Cold Season is right around the corner so be sure to…

  • Dispose of tissues immediately after use
  • Wash hands thoroughly after blowing your nose
  • Avoid touching eyes and nose
  • Avoid nasal secretions of others
  • Wash your hands after touching door knobs, keyboards, desks, telephone or money
  • Wash your hands after shaking hands with another person

Be proactive my G.O.Ps to avoid feeling sick during the cold season. ~DEENA


Your Thoughts?

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