Tone Your Tush with Your Hands

By Deena Hamza

Hello Everyone!

I have a quick and easy system for my G.O.Ps to use when determining the proper portion sizing of foods in a healthy diet and all you need are you’re…

WAIT! Not so fast buster…you guys will have to guess:  Hint #1 They’re with you everyday…  Hint #2 Everyone has them…  Hint #3 You need them… You guessed right! It’s your hands. Your hands are a great tool for measuring proper portion sizing and, according to the American Heart Association; hands are an excellent way to keep track of your eating anywhere you go.

1 cup = fist

3 ounces = palm

1 tablespoon = thumb

1 teaspoon = tip of thumb

½ cup = cupped hands

To help tone your tush eating a clean diet is essential. Follow these useful tips below paired with regular exercise to achieve a toned back-side for everyone to envy.

Fruits: 2 fists’ worth of berries,
apples, pears, peaches, oranges or melon

Vegetables: 2 ½ fists’ worth of bright colored vegetables, and dark leafy greens

Whole Grains: 2 – 3 fists’ worth of quinoa,
barley, oats, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice

Lean Protein: 2 palms worth of tofu, beans,
eggs, fish, skinless chicken breast, lean red meat

Low Fat Dairy: 2 fists’ worth of plain low-fat
yogurt and skim milk

2 thumbs worth of low fat cheese

Fats: 2 thumbs worth avocado, canola
oil, olive oil, almonds and walnut

There you have it my G.O.Ps: Your portion sizes are within your hands! ~DEENA


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