Not Your Average Cream: Pharrell’s “Qream”

By Thomas Clark

Pharrell Williams has branched out again! From music to sneakers and now to liquor, is there anything he wouldn’t want to put his name on. This summer he debuted his new cream liquor called “Qream”, that’s right spelled with a Q. You would think this liqueur is intended for everyone, but his main target is the females. Easily put in his words, “It is a truly elegant experience for the modern day queen and her court of friends”. Now I know most of you guys are sounding off with a loud “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!”.

Qream started its debut with two flavors; Strawberry Crème & Peach Crème. A nice creamy taste, excuse the pun, with a scent of perfume. To summarize his mission in my own words, it’s to bring a liqueur to females that they can indulge in, while still maintaining a level of sophistication and class.

If you head to the Qream Website you can get the full one on one and background details regarding this new style of liqueur. The site gives you an extensive play by play action on what this drink can be used for and mixed with. I have to say that I’m anxiously waiting to taste this drink and try one of those recipes. In the meantime, while you wait for my next article regarding the rating of this drink. Drink Responsibly and Be Safe!



Your Thoughts?

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