(LTR) Living to Repeat!

By Thomas Clark

With the upcoming change in weather, the need of staying warm and fuzzy is on high demand. For the Long Term Relationship (LTR) individuals, the need for staying in that blissful state is in even higher demand. Let’s face it, maintaining a relationship isn’t easy and it doesn’t just come natural. Within every city New York, Los Angeles, ATL even the dirt paths of the country, there is a lot to do to maintain the passion of the relationship.

It’s easy to fall in a rut; it’s even harder to be spontaneous. Work schedules, school schedules and personal regimens become a matter of conflict. Roles are unintentionally cast upon one another and routines become so habitual that it leaves little room for rebellion.

Every relationship hits a dry spell, and this time I’m not talking about not having sex for a certain amount of time. However, it’s solely up to the two individuals within the relationship to get the gears going again. Even when it comes to sex, being spontaneous and trying something new can add a whole new twist on-to the relationship. I’m not saying add a new person that will only mess things up even more (that is a topic for another article). Instead of the routine staying in, wining and dining can be exciting. Going for walks or to the movies, hell even playing in the snow when it starts to fall. Sometimes revisiting square one isn’t bad, it helps keeps things vibrant.

Shifting your mindset to unlock the true bliss of what a LTR can bring determines whether you two have what it takes to stick it out. Coming up with new and exciting things, as well as, revisiting past and decadent actions, is the message being delivered here. Yes it’s that simple! Remembering that a relationship is a union of two co-equal parts, and love conquers all will help you go far.


Your Thoughts?

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