4 Million and Counting….

By JoMarr Williams

After the passing of former Apple CEO and Founder Steve Jobs, I was truly worried about the fate of the Apple brand.  But with the release of the iPhone 4s on Friday, my worries have subsided for now, with over 4 million devices being sold in three days. Those numbers include sales in the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, and Australia.

This past Friday iPhone release was somewhat calm compared to previous years. I remember seeing people camped out days prior to be the first to have Apple’s new baby in their hands. I got mine the same day and had no wait. And that was a shocker especially being a Sprint customer. Speaking of Sprint, they announced sales records with the addition of the iPhone to their selection. Many consumers left their current providers for Sprint for better data plans. Sprint includes unlimited data, unlike AT&T and Verizon.

I believe that the sales were directly related to the passing of Jobs. It’s a great thing to say that “I got the last Apple product that Steve worked on.” His ability to change the way we listen to music, check email, or even watch a television show, have been nothing short of genius. Hopefully Tim Cook, the new CEO will take the company to a place we haven’t seen before.


Your Thoughts?

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