Exercise: What’s Good?

By Deena Hamza

As usual, the media tends to confuse us with contradictions about exercise, so what’s good? Everything is good. Everything works. Everything can benefit your body. The main idea is to ACTUALLY get into a program! I’m a fond believer in taxing the body through activities that are used in everyday situations. On that same token, challenging your body with new movements can enhance stability and flexibility. In essence, a workout regimen containing variety is very important.

I’d like all of my Precious Gents to make some changes in your way of thinking:

  • Exercise is about health: it keeps your metabolic fire burning for optimal efficiency
  • Food is LOVE. It’s not the enemy.
  • Take a good look at yourself in the mirror (sans clothing) and tell yourself 10 great things about your body
  • Baby steps to longevity: That means, incorporate exercise gradually into your lifestyle to ensure compliance in the long run
  • Weight Training + Cardio not one or the other. BOTH. End of discussion.
  • If you have knee/ hip problems or suffer from osteoporosis, low impact cardio machines like the recumbent bike and elliptical are optimal choices
  • Embrace the outdoors. Cardio will be less taxing/boring while exploring nature.
  • Low calorie or fad diets are not the way to sustained weight loss. Consume a diet high in healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins.
  • New research has found that 30 minutes of exercise is no longer enough for the general public. One hour per day is the new recommendation. Get together with friends for a massive dodge ball game, or go for a late night run. The serenity at night will amaze you.
  • Take these initial steps to heart so when I post weekly diet and exercise plans we’re on the same page.

Until next time My Gents of Preciousness!


Your Thoughts?

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