TV what’s next? Who’s New? Have you heard?

By Stephfon Guidry

Bored with what’s on the flat screen starring back at you? Me too so I’m on to the next new thing!

While no one can top the sadistic and witty antics of the Griffin family child-dictator Stewie, Allen Griffin a new FOX animated comedy plans to tango with your television must-haves.  Jonah Hill’s (“Get Him to the Greek” “How to Train a Dragon” Money Ball”) childhood dream of creating and voicing his owncharacter comes to life in Allen Gregory, a fast talking-witty sarcastic snob of a kid. The show centers around the troubles of Allen having to enter public school as a result of his dad falling on financial troubles. While his dad’s “life partner”, Jeremy, (Yup I said it his LIFE PARTNER) must get a job instead of homeschooling Allen and Julie, his adopted Cambodian sister. Allen Gregory is one precocious little boy that respects little authority Critics of Allen Gregory slather their own witty comments: Washington Post calls Allen Gregory “”a coy but limp attempt” at adding to Fox’s Sunday line-up, and that all one can hope for the title character is that he’ll “meet some horrible demise”; USA Today retorts that Allen Gregory a “total irredeemable brat” in an animated program that’s “gross, ugly, viscous and stupid,” and without enough laughs to matter.


Your Thoughts?

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