Murderer or Medical Malpractice: The Verdict of Dr. Conrad Murray

By Stephfon Guidry

“You’ve been hit by …a smooth criminal” words from an iconic performer, the quintessential King of Pop, Michael Jackson, a pioneer of music and inspiration to millions died on June 25, 2009. The passing of Jackson is a tragic loss to fans around the globe and over the course of the six week trial, the L.A. Supreme Court found enough details around Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical treatment of Jackson for a conviction. The verdict is in, Dr. Conrad Murray, concierge physician to Michael Jackson, is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The true story behind Michael Jackson’s death was uncovered through the collective testimonies of medical experts, household staff, video footage, and even Murray’s former girlfriend.  It was unsettling for the jury to listen and witness footage of Jackson’s emaciated frame lying in a hospital bed while Murray gave him treatment for his “extreme insomnia” just weeks before his death.

The details of the ill-fated last night of Michael Jackson were clarified through witness testimonies of the household staff and security. Dr. Conrad Murray serviced Jackson with sedatives– lorazepam and midazolam–to help him with his insomnia, Jackson had also taken a Valium. The security testified saying that under Murray’s care Jackson was given fatal dosages of mixed sedative cocktail only propofal was listed to the initial story given to the police who responded to the 911 call. Testimonies revealed that as Jackson went into cardiac arrest Murray became frantic and attempted to revive the doomed Jackson without the use of the necessary emergency medical equipment. Finally emergency services were called too late, although Dr. Murray testified saying that he believed Jackson administered more propofal leading to his death.  The truth about Michael Jackson’s death is still elusive however a verdict of guilty befell Dr. Conrad Murray do to his negligent and unorthodox medical care of the pop star.

Dr. Conrad Murray may face up to four years in prison for his crimes. However, due to recent changes in California law, which transfers nonviolent crimes to county jail, it is unlikely he will serve his sentence in the state prison. Murray is to be held without bail until sentencing on November 29, Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge, Michael Pastor commented, “This is not a crime involving a mistake of judgment. … This was a crime where the end result was the death of a human being.” ( The sentiments of the judge were shared by many in the Jackson family: Jermaine lamented saying, “Justice was served.” Rebbie commented, “Nothing will bring him back, but I’m happy [Murray] was found guilty.” In addition Letoya Jackson tweeted “VICTORY!!!” on Twitter ( . The verdict is yet the civil suit against the doctor is not settled and Murray could also face losing his license to practice medicine. Fans all share in this sense of closure to the long trial of Dr. Conrad Murray knowing that justice was not blind to the tragedy against the Man in the Mirror.



  1. Dr Murray is Guilty of More than Just Involuntary Manslaughter- Just Pure Greed for Money to get his Numerous Debts paid off, I Believe that is the only reason as to Why he accepted the Job and as to why He Killed Michael Jackson-Method in his Madness as the saying goes, and he was definetly guilty of several irresponsibilities-He was totally and Completely negligent.He abandoned Michael Jackson in the time of need-He should definetly not have left the Room after giving Medication-Certainly not for 45 Minutes-to make Totally Unimportant Phone calls to his Grilfriend, Former Girlfriends etc, But I also believe Dr Klein also was responsible. I would definetly not trust Dr Murray, Nor Dr Klein with my Life-Nobody can call them proper, nor qualified, respectful Doctors and I also believe Dr Murray should have got and being given more than 4 Years(Maximum)-after all the Heartache & Trauma he caused Michael`s Family Members -as well as being responsible for having taken away Michael`s Children`s Father from them permanently.
    What Proper Qualified Dr does not know How to do CPR for God Sake-and what proper qualified Dr delays calling Emergency Services in such an Urgent & emergency situation as it clearly was in Michael Jackson`s Case-instead he instructs and is too busy collecting all of the Profofol Vials together-as If he was more concerned in getting rid of the evidence & as If he had something to hide-which clearly he did do, as it has been clearly stated by the Medical Profession memebers during the Court case-Michael Jackson would have still been alive today-If it was not for that negligent and irresponsible idiot & On top of everything else-He did not show any signs of Remorse what so ever., as well as apparently his Father was also guilty of Negligence-Musyt run in the damn Family as they say.-Give Dr Murray the strongest and severest punishment possible-That`s what I definetly say-Evil, Mindless and Inconsiderate, Unthoughtful, Irresponsible, and Incapable Bugger

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