Suspense and Spooks on the TV

By Stephfon Guidry

The Screaming silver screen hits like the Saw franchise, Final Destinations, and Paranormal Activity clearly place Fear in the forefront of the minds of audiences. A Haunting of your television screens might be in store when you turn to FX or FOX for the thrilling, spine-tingling shows of American Horror Story and Alcatraz!

American Horror Story brings the chills and suspense to the living room, a stirring world filled with many twisted tales and an even more grotesque storyline. Murders, ghosts, and urban legends collide with more blood and horror than primetime can take this show presents a haunted house with sinister secrets. (Makes Room 1408 look like a Honeymoon Suite!) The Harmon Family in a house that presents every episode almost with another tale of terror of how one of the previous owners dies, giving the nickname Murder House. HowOriginal

The Harmons are continuously trying to sell the house, while the ghosts within the Murder House kill all potential owners and give more backstory. The characters in the home like Constance, very much the Mommy Dearest type, having her deformed son smother in his sleep, Moira, an old ghost with her remains in the back yard, or Marcy the realtor who carries a gun, make this show Priceless. Marcy recently had a thought provoking line: “there are a lot of minority men in this city who would like nothing more than to ravage me on this countertop” SMH Tune into Fx for more murder and gore in American Horror Story Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those missing prisoners and guards of Alcatraz!? Fox is currently in the works of a sci-fi drama center around this mystery.  The show is in production, run by Jennifer Johnson (Chase) and screen writer Daniel Pyne. So the reality of this sci-fi thriller show set to awe audiences next year. Alcatraz is currently planned as a midseason replacement to air on Mondays at 9 pm in January 2012!


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