Take the DETOX Challenge

By Deena Hamza

I love to read and yes my favorite thing to read about is how to improve one’s health. One of my favorite books is YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: The Plan That Will Change Your Life by naturopathic Dr. Gillian McKeith. You may have seen this tough Scottish femme fatal on The Learning Channel (TLC) on her show You Are What You Eat where she heads to the mall with pig skin, pig eye lids with lashes attached and pig snouts and stops shoppers and informs them that those “goodies” are what’s packed in their beloved deli meats and hot dogs. She has a bed and breakfast clinic within her home where she gives linseed enemas to obese clients, examines their bowel production through smell, texture, and whole food particles to determine how healthy their body is and if they chew their food properly.

Her most famous statement: “Your stomach doesn’t have teeth you know!”

Here’s a detox challenge straight from her book: Answer yes or no to each of the following questions.

  • Do you live in a city?
  • Do you work in an office?
  • Do you use underground transport regularly?
  • Do you frequently jog, run or walk alongside busy roads with traffic?
  • Do you regularly use a cell phone?
  • Do you regularly use a computer?
  • Do you live near high-volume power lines, a nuclear or electric power plant or cell phone tower(s)?
  • Do you regularly smoke cigarettes or other substances?
  • Do you frequently use recreational or prescription drugs and medications?
  • Do you drink alcohol on a daily basis, or binge drink on weekends or at other times?
  • Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle whereby you never exercise?
  • Do you catch more than three colds, flus and/or viruses in an average year?
  • Do you have any mercury fillings in your teeth?
  • Do you drink on a daily basis any of the following: coffee, fizzy drinks, tab water, cows’ milk and/or carbonated sodas?
  • Do you eat on a daily basis any of the following: sugar, sweets, chocolates, white bread, canned food, frozen food, microwaved food, fried food, meats, cured lunch meats, cookies, cakes?
  • Do you normally add what sugar or sugar substitutes in your tea or coffee?
  • Do you regularly add salt to your food when cooking, or add salt when your dish arrives?
  • Is reading food labels for chemicals or preservatives before making selections irrelevant to you?

I don’t know about my G.O.Ps, but I had 7 questions where I answered yes. Let’s check out what the scoring means.


If you answered yes to more than 5 questions, then you may be a toxic junkie. I suggest you embark upon my Detox Day Plan at your earliest convenience. This weekend perhaps? Ouch Dr. Gillian McKeith! That cuts like a knife. And here I was thinking I would score totally awesome and knock ‘em dead. Yikes! I’m a toxic junkie….

If you answered yes to more than 10 questions, then you are a toxic dump monster. You are most likely loaded with toxins throughout your organs, cells, blood, and body. You might even have bad breath, flatulence, and body odor. If not, you’ll have it soon enough along with a host of serious ills if you fail to act immediately. Therefore, you must embark upon my Detox Day Plan immediately. And I mean today. I am not giving you a choice here!

The good news is that a detox of any sort need not be unpleasant, undignified or inconvenient. A detox can be gentle, easy, simple and minimal. It certainly shouldn’t be so austere that it makes you want to kill for a doughnut because you are in such desperation.

My next article will detail Dr.Gillian McKeith’s Detox Day. May the detox gods be with us! ~Deena



  1. Sometime ago, I did a three day detox using unfiltered apple juice. While it did do a great job, I felt the additional sugar, which made the experience more enjoyable, wasn’t all that good for me.

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