Warning: “We Need a Resolution”

By Thomas Clark

Although resolutions are on our minds, some old habits can be hard to get rid of. Navigating the ups and downs of love, or life in general, is like walking the streets of New York or any other major city in the world. There are signs to help and guide you if you choose to pay attention to them. Adhering to the signs can save you from catastrophic events, while ignoring them can be a regretful incident. In relationships there are always those signs that lead us to pivotal moments. Moments so unforgettable, they leave an imprint on how we react to situations. However, there comes a time when even that imprinted reaction is second guessed.

The saying that “love is a battle field” comes to mind, my question is why should it have to be? Yes, relationships of all kinds have their ups and downs, nothing is ever perfect. The initial response is to pick things up and fix it. However, it comes a time when picking up this same burden, reliving the same subject matter, argument, and or disagreement becomes tiring. Sometimes acknowledging when enough is enough is the best resolution of all.

Bringing in the New Year with heavy baggage is not a good idea. When you have something in your possession that you continuously fix and it continues to break, it’s definitely time to get rid of it. A habit that all of us need to re-examine, is not giving up especially if in your mind/actions you have done all you can. It’s refusing to be stuck and moving forward. Harboring a source of stress that is deemed unhealthy and unproductive can be strenuous physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here is a sign, now pay attention!


Your Thoughts?

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