HomoCouture Announces Promotional Partnership


New York, NY (HCINC) December 21st, 2011 – HomoCouture is set to be an official 2012 promotional partner with Sizzle Miami. Sizzle Miami is one of the nation’s most exciting and celebrated annual gay events during the Memorial Day Weekend.

HomoCouture & Sizzle share a common bond, which is to support, empower and influence the gay community. Sizzle brings our community together every year, for a weekend celebrating life, pride and liberty. Like HomoCouture, Sizzle supports and donates portions of their event receipts to local HIV/AIDS organizations. This year’s recipients are Empower U Inc., a local non-profit agency steadily at work in the fight against HIV/AIDS for families and communities.

This Year’s 2012 Sizzle Miami Event titled “Apocalypse” is definitely an event you do not want to miss. HomoCouture and Sizzle Invites you to be a part of the largest gay event to hit the Southeast coast. Attendees experience the pulsating nightlife and beaches of Miami from dusk till dawn. Miami is a fragrant spicy bouillabaisse to discover and savor. To paddle, sail visit museums, shop in style, rent convertibles, slip on sunglasses and be a celebrity and live life Miami-style.

To experience what the fuss is all about visit the Sizzle Miami Official Website. The website includes Hotel rates, Event packages, and transportation details. Additional Sizzle Information is also available on the HomoCouture Website under the Events Section.

SOURCE: Sizzle Miami Kit

For Information

Melvin Browne
HomoCouture New York
President|Editorial Director

Phone: 404.449.1164 Email:

Dwight Powell
Sizzle Miami

Phone: 305.938.9612


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