2011 Final Thoughts: There’s more to come!

By Thomas Clark

As this year transitions into the next, most of us will be proud to say that we may not be where we want to be in our love/sex life. While others are clinging on to each other in a warm-hearted embrace for what the future might bring. Whatever your position is regarding your reflection back on 2011 in respects to this topic, something we all can agree on, is that 2012 is going to be even more kick ass.

Dealing with the consequences of 2011 flings to booty calls to relationships. It can be safe to say that we still have not had enough of this past time. Start by setting things in motion for the do’s and don’ts of 2012. Approaching situations differently but still leaving room for adventure and new experiences.

The SEX of 2011 was great, a year jam-packed with frolicking and youthful encounters. The stable, off and on, or slim to none RELATIONSHIPS empowers us with knowledge for the future. The understanding we gained from both is notches under our belts to say been there done that or let’s do it again!

All aboard the Sex or Relationships train! Here is to leaving 2011 baggage behind, getting excited about the future and moving forward. Whatever path you decide to take whether sex or relationship, 2012 is going to have its share of fun!


Your Thoughts?

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