For the Love of THE GAME

By Stephfon Guidry

Does anyone play by the rules? BET’s The GAME, the stations top rated-most watched scripted show in its HISTORY, reprises its Tuesday Takeover for Season 5 with more drama off the field than sacs on the fantasy football game. Blue Ivy might just be a newborn but Melanie’s “college” abortion causes nothing but drama in her household mainly because Derwin You are NOT the Father! His reaction was typical of his character angry black man syndrome however it was Melanie’s picture perfect monologue about them going to bed that got me.

 It must be love for Melanie and Derwin to be at the point in the relationship when they are having conversation while he on the toilet. Where dey do that at? Tasha and Malik was a pair the entire episode they had to resolve Malik’s infatuations with Jenna, his model “junkie” girlfriend—SIDEBAR: Is it just me or did Tasha’s weave need a lil adjusting? TT’s “Let me be your magical Black Man” line that had me in stitches and his insight was endearing for Tasha the entire episode. Jason’s plot seemed very colorstruck–Light-skinned Boy with Black Woman issues (Classic)—from in bed with a bodacious black press attendant to jumping the broom with Brandy aka Chardonnay. The Newlyweds have a lover’s quarrel that pushes Jason to reveal his predictable tale why he doesn’t do black women. The episode ends with DJ’s birthday party where Derwin sees for himself the jagged little pill that Melanie has to swallow as a stepmother. Season 5 gives the viewers what we expected comedy wrapped in a whole lot of drama. Let BET’s the GAME tackle your tv Tuesdays at 10 P.M. /9 C.

And if the Heisman hijinks of The GAME aren’t enough love triangles and laughs tune in to Let’s Stay Together right after filled with relationships, marriages, and mayhem.



  1. No it wasn’t you. Tasha’s weave is usually decent but it was a little off last night. I guess my highlight of the night although I am not sure if I agree with taking the gift (lol) but when Derwin knocked out Trey oh boy : )

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