The Dynamic Duo does more than TV!

By Stephfon Guidry

Women of reality TV are either sweet or sour, I prefer the sour patch girls because they bring more to the table. A dynamic drama-packed duo comes with Tami Roman and Nene Leakes both women work out every episode they are featured. Leakes and Roman are presently starting a buzz with their new ventures outside of their reality TV careers.

Some say she is a sweet Georgia peach others label her the sour apple of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I’m talking about none other than the outspoken media maven Nene Leakes (I’m Rich B***h!). Currently Nene is taking television stardom to a new level, landing a reoccurring role on GLEE. Nene will be playing the part of the synchronized swimming coach, Roz Washington, Sue Sylvester’s nemesis and rival. Nene opened up with Insider about the role and her future, “She’s very strong willed; she’s very straight forward; she’s not afraid of Sue Sylvester and she’s there to take somebody’s job.” Nene Leakes continued with Insider, speaking on her philosophy of “Don’t Ask Don’t tell” about her relationships and all of her new business ventures. Nene maybe a “Housewife” SIDEeye but she has more tricks than a stripper flipping and dipping on a pole making it rain. 

Tami Roman is more than a “Non-Mother Flunking Factor” she is an enterprising mother, a member of Basketball EX-Wives: Miami and Realtiy Tv Legend. Roman turned a pioneering role on MTV’s Real World Season 2 and created a 17 year career. Tami has done television for years and now with her star power and what GOD gave her she bares it all! Tami Roman joined the tasteful elite group of celebs that bare it all to speak out against animal cruelty. Her eye catching ads topless with diamonds bring Lilo’s Playboy cover to shame BlackDontCrack. The ads feature the slogan “FUR? I’d rather go naked” and Tami looks like a goddess in her Birthday Suit. Tami posted this ad-campaign on her website and on her Facebook saying, “Even though this ad was not done in affiliation with PETA, I hope to have the opportunity to work with them to further the cause of animal rights in the future.”

Two women totally in control of your television and their visions of their careers, Tami and Nene keep it real on screen and in their business deals.


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