Mister Tough Love – Warning 18+ ONLY

By Thomas Clark

After one hour of a grueling work out I lay in the locker room and the smell of musk filled my noise. The sound of rough grunts and clinging metal filled the air. Extremely tired, I was greeted by a deep baritone, cinnamon colored guy in his mid-20‘s. He had a Spanish accent mixed with some street swag. My mind proceeded to drift elsewhere as he started to change out of his gym clothes.

As each layer of clothing came off, I couldn’t help but to glimpse over. Stripping his tank top off, his body glistened with sweat with muscles bulging from a hard workout and a tattoo reading “tough love” on his upper back. He then proceeded to take off his pants down to nothing, briefs full of juicy man ass. I was turned on immediately! However, I thought to myself, “he does know I’m laying here right?! As if on cue he turns and offers me a smile, while his hand grabs his man package. I couldn’t help to be taken off guard, especially when the next statement was, “join me in the shower“. A statement made in his demanding heavy Spanish accent.

Hesitant to move not knowing if this was a joke, or a serious gesture. He makes his way to the showers inching his briefs off with every step. With a final look back, a smile and a head nod in the direction he was walking, I knew he was to be taken serious. No sooner then I reached the shower doorway, I’m snatched up and pushed down to my knees by Mister tough love. Every inch of his manhood sliding in and out of my mouth. The taste of sweet pre-cum filled my mouth’s taste buds. I was in ecstasy! I felt myself being lifted, turned around and bent over! I knew it was going down when I saw the condom wrapper hit the floor!

With nothing but water, saliva, and the lube already on the condom. My boy hole was pried open by a 9 inch cock, that wanted to probe and adventure deep into my inner most sanctums. His grip was strong and his thrust was relentless. Pushing deeper and deeper with every ecstasy filled motion. His moans filled the showers and his demands were to be met. He pulled out and ripped the condom off, while pushing me to the floor again. With a finale moan he let out his man juice all over my face!

With a smile, he stated “see you again thanks chulo”. I sat there in amazement and disbelief at what just happened. The last thing I saw was the tough love tattoo on his back As I came out of my daydream, Mister tough love was gone. As for my adventure deeper into this jungle of muscles and metal, I was looking forward to the workout I needed to do when I finally got home!


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