The Murad Man Skin Care

By Melvin Browne

Last week I informed you guys about great all natural skin care products that I personally experienced by Origins. This time I am going to give you the scoop on a skin care regime that is popular amongst men who maintain great skin. From what I hear this amazing skin care was developed by M.D. Howard Murad, a leader in skin treatment science. A holder of 18 different dermatology patents, Vogue Magazine crowned Murad as “One of the country’s best dermatologists”.

Murad has a full line of Cleansers, Treatments, Moisturizers, Supplements, Eye Care, Toners, and Masks for any and every skin type, all available on his Transforming Skincare Website  More importantly Murad developed a specialty line just for MEN! Murad explains the needs for men’s skin and the care that it requires in great detail:

What’s different about Men’s Skin Care?

“Skin care for men needs to address a number of concerns that skin care for women doesn’t. Men have to deal with a number of skin care issues that women don’t. For men who keep a clean-shaven look, ingrown hairs, irritation from shaving and dry, chaffed skin can build up. For those who don’t shave, excess oil and dirt can often build up near the beard line. Here are some tips on how to find the best skin care products for men.”

What should Men look for in Skin Care Products?

“Effective men’s skin care products should address the specific challenges mentioned above and provide not only exfoliating elements but also soothing elements for the harsh exposure that men’s skin can face. Of course, any good skin care regimen should also include a hydrating moisturizer and daily sun protection. In those ways, men’s skin care is similar to women’s skin care. However, men’s skin care products need to address not only their skin type and skin concern but also the realities of their day-to-day activities.”

So you can now understand why it’s so important to invest in skin care products that will not only give you great healthy skin, but maintain it. With that said, I introduce to you the Murads Man Skin Care! Murad offers the complete “Murad Man Regimen”, which is a daily skin care product line that was specifically developed for the skin care needs of men.

The collection includes Cleansing Shave (retails for $28), an effective skin cleanser that doubles as a soothing base for daily shaving. Also included is Razor Burn Rescue® (retails for $35), which is an essential skin care product for any man who shaves regularly. Razor Burn Rescue effectively reduces ingrown hairs, bumps and irritation from shaving to help skin look its best. Finally, sun protection and hydration are combined into one men’s skin care product with Face Defense® SPF 15(retails for $33), a daily moisturizer for men with sunscreen that provides lightweight, healthy hydration.

You can also purchase the 90 day supply of all 3 pieces in the “Murad Man Regimen” for $75! A $18 difference from buying all three pieces separately. Men’s skin has unique requirements, and Murad has the proven skin care products to address those needs. So visit his website ASAP and try out his “Man Regimen”!



  1. Will these skin health products be beneficial to someone using an electric razor??

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