From Bullied to Babe

By Stephfon Guidry

It’s a topic on most prime time television shows and in our everyday lives, bullying. It’s interesting to hear celebrities speak up and out about their struggles as a youth at being bullied. Hit shows like GLEE tackle the subject of bullying constantly and head through it with a sense of reality, giving consequences and repercussions. From having characters being bullied for their gender, sexuality, handicap, to their body types it is something that touches television constantly. Recently the Mad Men starlet, Christina Hendricks spoke openly about her struggles in high school.

Christina Hendricks, one of Esquire Magazines Sexiest Women Alive in 2012, tells U.K.s Mirror what she endured, “There was a long corridor with lockers on either side and kids would sit on top of them and spit on you.” Hendricks described herself as an outsider with an extreme look of purple hair and dark clothes feeling very goth but not fitting in except with the theater crew—channeling Quinn Fabray in GLEE life imitating ART! “I dyed my hair about 42 different colors, shaved it at the back and wore black make-up. Kids can be pretty judgmental about people who are different. But instead of breaking down and conforming, I stood firm. That is also probably why I was unhappy.”( The list of stars and starlets who braved the halls of institutions under the bullying of others includes names like Taylor Lautner, Emm Watson, Bill Clinton, Alec Mapa, Chris Rock, Christina Aguilera and the list goes on. Celebrities speaking about their pasts give young people that message that there is hope at the end and there is more reason to live than to give up.


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