Judgmental Prudes

By Thomas Clark

There is a thin line between being “open to the public” and having a healthy sexual appetite.  That line can vary from individual to individual. So there won’t be any confusion, it’s my duty to make this knowledge universal.

When you’re single and aware of your sexuality, you subsequently open up the door to all sorts of criticism.  Scrutiny and judgment is passed quickly, mainly by those who are prudish and not comfortable in their skin. Too much sex is considered an overload, harmless flirting throws you into the category of being easy and a kiss is deemed down right wrong.

The term “open to the public” was introduced to my world, when I entered the club with an unstable and insecure individual, the name will be omitted. A certain friend wasn’t getting the attention he desired and decided to throw some words around. Open to the public is more for a person who just frolics around with no standards and no remorse. Anyone that comes their way is fair game.

Having a healthy sexual appetite is remotely opposite to the former. Standards are present however, sexual attention is inevitable and the want to explore and experience is always acknowledged.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about ignoring the static and enjoying life. Who the fuck cares? Life is too short to be uptight and “backed up”. Let’s face it we are all human and sometimes the morning, afternoon and or evening jack session just doesn’t cut it. The need for release in a more sexual fashion is in high demand. I mean clothes off, sweat dripping and body romping fun, as long as it’s safe of course. Being provocative is not a sin!

The life of an individual who has a healthy sexual appetite is not always laden with hook-ups and countless booty calls. Trust I know, I live it! However, when they do come around its going to be intense. Final thoughts for the prudes, stop passing judgment. When you pass judgment out of jealousy, your true colors of insecurities show.

Until next time take care!


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