Andre 3 Stacks has Comeback

By Stephfon Guidry

One of the few men that took dapper to a new plateau in hip hop and urban culture returns to the spotlight with more projects than 3 stacks can buy you. Andre 3000 sits down with GQ magazine to dish out the truth and dispel the rumors about upcoming albums, resurrecting clothing lines, a solo career and more! Mark Anthony Green interviews Andre 3000 with tact and respect covering his Gillette endorsement, song collaborations and hopes of another OutKast album.

Andre 3000 clears the air, explaining the artist of today in music inspired him to keep on the mic, he doesn’t put himself in an artistic box and that Benjamin Bixby will now be Bixby and it is coming back. Andre’s response to being asked what his biggest misconception, “People think you kind of ride on this wave, this non-human wave, and I think that’s kind of wrong to put that on entertainers.” In speaking about him working on his new solo project Andre said, “When you look at the Wayne, when you look at the Kanye… I can tell when an artist is in the zone because they’re not thinking and that’s when you’re at your best.”


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