Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are tying the knot!

By Stephfon Guidry

The Love is above and below as Wiz Khalifa has got down on bended knee and proposed to girlfriend Amber Rose. Ladies N Gentlemen HE PUT A RING ON IT! Social media a buzz and the music industry squabbles aside Wiz and Amber found love in a hopeless place. Regardless of Amber Roses past relationships with rapper Kanye West or her salacious photos that leaked on the internet Wiz Khalifa is in love and want Amber as his always and forever. After months of talking n tweeting about their love the happy couple mentioned that they were really serious. Rose, spoke to USmag, “We want to get married. We’re just taking our time” and Wiz seemed very into the idea but kept the paparazzi and press at bay by saying soon. Earlier today Wiz Khalifa tweeted, “She said Yes!” Her twitter page was aglow, “He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!” It seems as spring begins Wiz found his Rack City Chic in Amber Rose!


Your Thoughts?

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