Fluke Vs. Limbaugh Apology not Accepted

By Stephfon Guidry

Recently, Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student, went to a Democratic hearing and advocated for Pres. Obama’s new legislation that would require employers to provide free contraception coverage. Apparently Fluke struck a never and a note with Rush Limbaugh the Political Radio Talk Show host as he later called her a “slut” and “prostitute”; also saying that if tax payers were to begin paying for women to have sex then they should post videos of their weekly activities so everyone can watch! Fluke spoke with CNN saying; “Initially hurt and then very quickly upset and outraged because somebody is trying to silence you” Democrats have pounced on this conservative public faux pas and are not letting this political event go unnoticed.

Fluke received a bigger surprise with a phone call from President Barrack Obama to show his support. Only two days after Limbaugh presented an apology but already he is suffering losses in his political and economic support for his radio talk show. Limbaugh has lost 8 of his advertisers and been criticized widely.  The 7 advertisers include ProFlowers, Quicken Loans, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Citrix Systems Inc., Carbonite, LegalZoom—and AOL!  Clear Channel Premiere Radio Network, which hosts Limbuagh’s radio show, emailed a statement to the press through spokeswoman Rachel Nelson saying, “We respect the right of Mr. Limbaugh, as well as the rights of those who disagree with him, to express those opinions.”(

Fluke responded, on MSNBC, to the numerous interviews and apologies of Limbaugh, “…I tried to see this for what it is, and I believe that what it is an attempt to silence me, to silence the millions of women and the men who support them who have been speaking out about this issue and conveying that contraception is an important health care need that they need to have met in an affordable, accessible way.” ( The political debate for this new contraception legislation is nowhere near its close and Limbaugh seems to be reaping the negative press that he sowed from his negative commentary of Sandra Fluke.


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