Kerry Washington slays a SCANDAL

By Stephfon Guidry

Beautiful, talented and milk chocolate curves in all the right places evokes the image of none other than stunning noted actress Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington will join the Hot Spring line up for ABC with the likes of G.C.B. (Good Christian Belles), Missing, Once Upon A Time and more.  ABC gears up to premiere her new primetime thriller SCANDAL, 9 P.M. Thursdays on April 5th.

Washington will dazzle audiences as Olivia Pope a Publicist taking the SCANDALous world of “crisis management” to a new level. The show is produced by Shonda Rhimes (Greys Anatomy, Private Practice), and loosely based on the life of PR manager Judy Smith.  Judy Smith is a renowned African-American woman whose worked on the prosecution of DC Mayor Marion Barry, The Clarence Thomas case and the impeachment of former Pres. Bill Clinton to name a few. Washington’s character tackles ever celebrity meltdown from politics, sports, business and relationship drama. “In her professional life she is always the smartest woman in the room. In her personal life she’s a total mess,” Washington tells People Magazine.

SCANDAL brings Kerry Washington to the small screen as her newest project A Thousand Words with Eddie Murphy comes to the theaters March 9. Washington will play Eddie’s love interest as he strives to make an honest man of himself when gifted with only 1,000 words to live! In a BET interview about the movie, Kerry Washington commented on Scandal, “Scandal’ is a great show. If you love politics, scandal and relationships you’ll love this show.” (


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