Lube is Your Friend!

By Thomas Clark

“Spit makes the best lube”, we have all heard this line before. We all were probably given the reason why as well, “because it doesn’t run out and it’s cheap”. Well, no matter how many people say it, the first part of this expression is not as true as it seems.

Yes, saliva is easy to come across and proves added convenience in the middle of a sexual romp. However, how convenient is “rug burn”. Yes, I’m calling it “rug burn”. “Rug burn” being that irritating feeling that would make any bottom say stop. No matter how “talented and hungry” the bottom is, an irritating sore booty is not highly favored. Not for the tops and especially not for the bottoms. That would be the end of the sexual escapade for a good day.

I know some guys like to call the boy hole, a pussy. However, let us keep in mind that this word doesn’t imply the same qualities. Yes, the anus can get nice and wet but, it doesn’t start off that way. Bottom line is Tops, stop being cheap and gets some lubrication. Its 2012 a small bottle of Wet doesn’t cost much. And bottoms, stop letting dudes slide up in you with some nut on the mind covered in saliva.



  1. Cuntty Spark;es says:

    ok. ill keep this in mind the next time i get screwed.

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